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Critical error after critical Empty Critical error after critical

Post by LLP on Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:29 pm

Hi adm, i cant accept this, i have new client h5, new patch, and always get critical error, inside oly, outside city, cant play like this, i have many chars, but only my LLP get error, now i will need wait for u or other gm send me to city? always? i not will play for give free oly points, well when u can send me to city please, so i will give leader for sarevok and leave the server, will return when u put one tool for desbug char on web, thx.

Char - LLP

P.S. Is not a problem with client or something here, i have others servers installed here and see no critical error.

sy for my friends in game, but i cant play like this.

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